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Replacement and Spare Parts for Stirred Bioreactors

We now offer replacement parts for Applikon® Biotechnology and Broadley-James® brands of bioreactors.

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AF-0300 Vacuum Cart Systems AF-0301-01 & AF-0301-02 AF-0304 AF-0349
Welch Vacuum Pump
Welch Vacuum Pump
AF-0512-01 CG-147-G & -P CG-1171-20
CG-1171-50 20L Gas Scrubber CG-1850 CG-1949
ChemRxnHub™ Dual ChemRxnHub™ CG-1950 & CG-1951 10L thru 20L Jacketed
10L thru 20L UNJacketed 30L thru 50L Jacketed 30L thru 50L UNJacketed 75L thru 100L Jacketed
Jacketed Filter Reactors UNJacketed Filter Reactors CG-1968-Q CG-1969-M
CG-1972-65 CG-1981-C CG-1992 CG-1992 OptiTherm Flask Warning
CG-1992-R OptiTherm Flask Warning CG-1994-V CG-1995-V-10 CG-1995-V-20
CG-1996-V CG-1997-V CG-2021. CG-2022
& CG-2023
CG-2025 CG-2033-B-50 CG-2037-E CG-2077-M
CG-2077-U CG-3498 CG-4509-A CG-4600-01
CG-4812 CG-15001 Series CG-15005-01 CG-15006-20
CG-15009-01 CG-15010-20 CG-16000 CLS-1440-100
CLS Spinner Flasks CLS-1430, -F & -J Series Spinner Flasks CLS-1445 Series Spinner Flasks CLS-1450 Series Spinner Flasks
CLS-1455 Series Spinner Flasks CLS-1606 Mini-Fuge 8 CLS-2543 Incu-Shake Mini CLS-3854-SPK
CLS-3855 CLS-3857 CLS-3859 CLS-3869-100
CLS-3956 CLS-3959 CLS-4009-100 CLS-4021-100
CLS-4023-100 CLS-4033-100 CLS-4044-01 CLS-4048-01
CLS-4100-02 CLS-4100-04 CLS-4100-06 CLS-4100-09